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CIGI Publishes Diplomat's Handbook Third Edition



Palmer Prize Honors Diplomats for Advancing Democracy



CADAL Releases Diplomacy and Human Rights in Cuba



Palmer Prize Honors Diplomats for Advancing Democracy



Arabic Translation of the Handbook Completed



China Case Study Just Released



CCD Announces Creation of the Palmer Prize for Diplomats



Second Edition of the Diplomat's Handbook Now Available Online



Handbook Luncheon at the Woman's National Democratic Club


Canada Makes Second Major Contribution to Handbook Project



Handbook now available in Spanish



College of Europe hosts Democracy Support Workshop



Italy contributes to Diplomat's Handbook



Chapters 1-4 Updated; Second Print Edition Coming in 2010



College of Europe Democracy Support Workshop November Dates Announces



NED contributes to Diplomat's Handbook



Handbook Appears in AFSA's Foreign Service Journal



Washington Launch of Diplomat's Handbook



Lithuania Contributes to Handbook



US, Portugal and Lithuania Praise Diplomat's Handbook as a "concrete action" in Support of Global Democracy



Morocco, Chile Contribute to Handbook



Diplomat's Handbook Launch: Estoril, Portugal 28 June


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The Rationale for the Diplomat’s Handbook

In recent years, diplomacy as practiced by many democratic nations has taken on more of a human face. Whereas once the conduct of diplomatic relations was strictly on a state-to-state basis, today, Ambassadors and diplomats are much more likely to engage the publics of the host countries and not exclusively government officials. Embassies and Consulates are ready vehicles and brokers promoting contact and communications between the peoples and nongovernmental organizations... .continue

Palmer Prize Honors Diplomats for Advancing Democracy


On April 29, 2013, at the seventh Ministerial Conference of the Community of Democracies in Ulaanbaatar, the Mark Palmer Prize was awarded to three diplomats for promoting democracy and human rights.


To read the official press release, please click here.



Pluralism and Democracy: Prospects for the Arab Middle East and North Africa


In December 2012, at the initiative of Ambassador Jeremy Kinsman, Director of the Diplomat's Handbook, the European Foundation for Democracy and the Council for a Community of Democracies sponsored a conference at the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris on pluralism and democracy in the Arab world.


To read the report, please click here



CADAL Releases Diplomacy and Human Rights in Cuba


In December 2011, the Argentinian-based Center for the Opening and Development of Latin America (CADAL) released Diplomacy and Human Rights in Cuba: From the "Black Spring" to the release of political prisoners, which includes an abbreviated version of the Diplomat's Handbook's case study on Cuba. The publication is available in Spanish and English.

To read CADAL's publication in English, please click here.


Inaugural Palmer Prize Honors Diplomats for Advancing Democracy


On July 1 2011, at the sixth Ministerial Conference of the Community of Democracies in Vilnius, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Audronius Ažubalis conferred the inaugural Mark Palmer Prize on seven diplomats from different countries, including Lithuania, for promoting democracy and human rights.


To read the official press release, please click here.


Diplomats' Training Workshop Held in Santiago


On March 10-11 2011, with the leadership and support of the Foreign Ministry of Chile and the Diplomatic Academy of Chile in addition to Corporacion Participa and the Organization of American States, the Handbook team organized a dialogue on the role of diplomats in supporting civil society and democracy development in Santiago, Chile. The heads of diplomatic academies as well as diplomats responsible for policy related to democracy support attended from countries from South, Central and North America. Civil society from the region was also present to share their experiences working with diplomats in strengthening democracy in the region.


To see the conference agenda, please click here.



Arabic Translation of the Handbook Complete


The Diplomat's Handbook for Democracy Development Support is now available in Arabic, thanks to the tremendous work of the Beirut Office of the National Democratic Institute. Additionally, this translation would not have been possible without the assistance of the Foundation for the Future, based in Jordan. The Arabic Translation includes case studies on Egypt, China and Cuba in addition to many others. This is an important resource to be utilized by civil society and diplomats in the region in working towards advancing democratic development.


The full Arabic translation may be accessed here.


China Case Study Just Released


The just released case study produced by the Handbook team, and written by Canadian diplomat Chantal Meagher, is entitled, "China's Fifth Modernization: the Enduring Hope for Democratic Governance." It details what diplomats from CD governments are doing to encourage the growth of civil society and the development of democracy in China, a one-party state. The authors note that diplomats are not trying to export a political system, but rather support those in China "who agree that human rights are universal and who wish political rights of assembly and expression to be respected in their country."


The full case study on China may be found here.


CCD Announces Publication of the Handbook Second Edition


The story of how diplomats from democratic countries have sought to support democracy and human rights in the difficult circumstances they confront in places like Cuba, Egypt and China is told in the just released, revised and expanded study, A Diplomat’s Handbook for Democracy Development Support. The Handbook, first published by the Washington-based Council for a Community of Democracies, documents and provides a rationale for a relatively new dimension in international diplomacy, how diplomats support and promote democracy abroad. In addition to the new case studies of China, Cuba and Egypt, the Handbook Second Edition expands upon previous case studies, provides a revised list of resources of almost 200 organizations that support democracy and contains the international legal framework of agreements that allow democracy advocates to seek external support abroad and that permit democratic governments to provide such assistance.


The new edition of the Handbook has been published in Warsaw, Poland to be available to those participating in the July 2-4 High Level Meeting that is being held in Poland’s historic city of Kraków. It is available on this website here.


To read the full press release, please click here.


For more information on the Krakow High level Democracy Meeting, please visit CCD's website here.


Diplomat's Handbook Luncheon at the Woman's National Democratic Club


Ambassador Mark Palmer, CCD Vice President of the Board of Directors, and Bob LaGamma, President of CCD, presented the Handbook at a luncheon discussion at the Woman's National Democratic Club on Tuesday, March 22, 2010.


Canada Makes Second Contribution


The government of Canada has provided a second major contribution to the Diplomat's Handbook project.


The Diplomat's Handbook Now in Spanish


Thanks to the government of Spain, the Diplomat's Handbook for Democracy Development Support may now be found in Spanish. This marks an important development for the Handbook as CCD begins to plan for diplomats' training workshops in Latin America while increasing the accessibility of this important work to the region and other Spanish speakers.

Read the Handbook in Spanish here.


College of Europe Hosts Democracy Support Workshop


On November 20-21, the College of Europe in Warsaw hosted the first regional workshop focused on diplomatic support for the development of democracy.


The workshop brought together representatives of diplomatic trainers and other representatives of Foreign Ministries from the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Serbia and host country Poland as well as the deputy director of the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna and a Turkish representative of the Islamic Conference...read more


Italy Contributes to the Handbook Project


The government of Italy announced financial support for the Handbook at the United Nations Democracy Caucus on 24 September in New York City.


Diplomat's Handbook Featured in Foreign Service Journal


A write-up on the Diplomat's Handbook appears in the November 2008 edition of the American Foreign Service Association's (AFSA) Foreign Service Journal, which can be viewed by clicking here.

US, Portugal and Lithuania Praise Diplomat's Handbook as a "concrete action" in Support of Global Democracy


In a 15 September op/ed in the Washington Times, U.S. Undersecretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs Paula Dobriansky, Portuguese Ambassador to the U.S.  Joao de Vallera and Lithuanian Ambassador to the U.S. Audrius Bruzga describe the Diplomat’s Handbook as one of a number of “concrete actions” by the Community of Democracies in support of global democracy.  In the op/ed, the authors acknowledge the success of the CD indeveloping and distributing the "Diplomat's Handbook for Democracy Development Support" - a ‘democracy toolbox’ of best practices for diplomats to engage and assist civil society groups...”  Please click here to read the article in its entirety.