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Resource List: Donor Organizations and other Democracy Support Organizations


Accompanying the Third Wave of global democratization we have witnessed a new tide of needs for ideas and funding. Nongovernmental democracy activists seeking to establish and consolidate democratic institutions have knocked on doors of embassies seeking that help from representatives of democratic governments as well as from foundations and international organizations. To meet the complex and growing demand for assistance an array of new organizations have emerged to join the ranks of traditional sources of help.


The following list of organizations is provided as a guide to diplomats. The list provides answers to the question: what advice can I give to a representative of a lawyer’s organization, a women’s association, a group of journalists seeking to establish a press association or any other representative of a civic organization on sources of help beyond that assistance my own government might provide through its Foreign Ministry or official assistance programs. This list seeks to be the source of some answers. It does not intend to be exhaustive. We plan to expand upon it in future. It does not include major official governmental assistance programs. It provides links to 27 donor organizations that have established track  records of providing grants to democracy activists, 10 intergovernmental bodies and to more than 50 organizations that conduct programs in the field and are valuable sources of information related to democracy support. The list does not seek to include the many thousands of nongovernmental organizations; many of which courageously and against great odds, are participating in the struggle for democracy. They are grouped together in such organizations as the World Movement for Democracies (WMD). Through such formal or informal networks democracy organizations learn from each others’ experiences. This list seeks to link those organizations to ideas, information and resources that will help them in their struggle.


The resource list provides a brief description of institutional goals of each organization and a link to their websites where detailed information can be found.


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